ISE Kyykkä

LII World Championships of Academic Kyykkä 11.02.2017

What is it?

Kyykkä is a traditional team sport originating from Karelia. The basic idea of the game is to knock kyykkäs (small wooden cylinders) out of your own game-square by throwing a karttu (stick, resembling baseball bat). The rules of kyykkä can be read here

Every February more than 4000 students gather to Hervanta, Tampere to play this game and to figure out who is the World Champion. 512 team places in open class and 128 team places in women's class are usually sold out in 2-3 hours after the registration starts two months before the event.

For you? ISE Kyykkä

There will be a special ISE (I Speak English) class for exchange students and other internationally minded people. The official language of ISE-class will be English and the referees and judges will speak English. Rules will be available in English.

  • Rules in English
  • Judges speak English
  • Where possible the competition material is in English
  • 45€ per team (one team has 4 players)
  • Team members get a Juvenes meal on Kyykkä day. 
  • The sign-up for the 2017 competition is open from 1st of December to 25th of January.
  • More about kyykkä at or just ask your Finnish friend about the game.

Sign-up for the ISE judges:

Please send an email to: - include in said email the following:
- Your full name
- Kyykkä (+judging) experience
- Phone number (+ telegram number if different)
- Email address
Judges are required to be available on 11.02.2017 from 11-17h


Kyykkä 2017 Overall Badges And Party tickets

You can preorder afterparty tickets and additional overall badges with the sign-up.

Any questions? email us: ISE (ät)